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Covid-19 Season Update

Hello Tuolumne Bear Family and Friends,


I understand these have been difficult times and the uncertainty of youth football and cheer has not made it any easier. This is an update to address some topics that have been asked over the last couple of days.


1. Is our season cancelled?


The short answer is - yes. We have cancelled the 2020 fall season. 

The long answer is a little less clear. AS of July 20th, the MVFL has voted to follow the CIF regulations (High School Schedule) and is looking at a potential December/January start date. Some teams in the league, Tuolumne being one of them, has initially opted-out of this plan as to the uncertainty of youth sports being allowed in our county. The rigorous schedule of football with 3 days of practice a week during the coldest months of the year is also something we have taken into consideration.


2. How long will the winter season be?

To be honest, that is still being looked at. As of right now, the proposed schedule for this fall will be the schedule we go with. Jamboree, 7 regular season games, 3 post season games including the Superbowl. That is subject to change.

3. Is there going to be a 2021 fall season?


We have already started planning for a 2021 fall season and look forward to starting back up in July 2021.


4. If I paid for the fall season, will I get a refund?

Almost all registered players have already been given a refund. If you have not received yours yet, please contact us.


Visit our Facebook page to take a quick 2 question poll. Please take the time to answer the question to help our program determine what is in the best interest for your child and the 2020 season. We will also be doing as many fundraisers as possible between now and December just in case we end up having a season so be on the lookout for those and please help spread the word when we start those.


Thank you for your patience,


Tuolumne Bears Board of Directors

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